Deconinck-Wanson Steambloc ® and DECO steam boilers are three passes wet back smoke tube boilers. 
The combustion gases are injected into the combustion chamber (furnace) and its rear box (first pass) Then in the first series of tubes (second pass) and eventually evacuated through the chemney after a second series of tubes (third pass).

With capacities from 250 kg / h to 1.500 kg / h (HS) and from 1.500 kg / h tot 30.000 kg / h (HH) they are design for meeting the strictest environmental rules.
Advantages of Deconinck-Wanson Steambloc ® boilers:
- Large heating surface
- Large evaporation surface
- Constant steam quality
- Constant pressure
- Large steam content, steam always available, even in standby
- Easy maintenance
- Long life expectation
  Applications: industrial laundries, hospitals, hotels, food industry, breweries, pharmaceutical industry, textile industry, chemical ...