The Deconinck-Wanson THERMOPAC ® unit is a thermal fluid heater with three or four exhaust gas passes, and it is made of a coil for radiation and convection energy exchange. The large combustion chamber volume and the high speed of the combustion gas reduce considerably the fouling of heat exchange surfaces.
A circulation pump ensures a constant flow of thermal fluid through the coil, allowing a heat transfer balance. It is equipped with flow controller through calibrated orifice to ensure a long life of the thermal fluid and the heater, together with other controls and safeties to stop the heater or its burner in case of anomalies.
The THERMOPAC ® heater is pre assembled in our factory with his cabinet, its controls and safeties, its burner and fuel line, to form a complete and compact unit, tested before delivery.
Benefits of thermal fluid and its THERMOPAC ® heater:
System operating at high temperature without pressure, except the pressure given by the circulating pump.

- Up to +/- 300°C with mineral oils, and +/- 400°C with synthetic oils.

- Closed-loop circuit, reducing energy losses and improving the global efficiency of the plant.

- No water treatment or purges, avoiding the use and maintenance of steam traps.

- No corrosion due to the nature of the fluid.
- Clean and long life of the installation.
- Precise temperature control of the process by using pneumatic or electric regulating valves.
- Thermal efficiency over 87%
- 94% global efficiency possible by heat recovery on the exhaust gases.

Applications: dry cleaning, hospitals, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical and petro-chemical industry, possibility to maintain highly viscous products in liquid phase, plastic industry, surface treatment, wood and concrete presses, bitumen, milk or textile industry, marine applications ...