The generator Deconinck-Wanson VAPORAX ® produces steam instantaneously.
Compact generator able to produce high pressure steam in a very short time (3 to 5 minutes) and requiring limited ground surfaces

Supplied complete with all its accessories and ready to work, It contains only a small amount of water and heat losses are limited during operation and stand-by periods.

The generator VAPORAX ® is made of double wall coil in wich water turns to steam. A water feed pump allows accurate dosing of water quantity into the system.

Advantages of the generator Deconinck-Wanson VAPORAX ®:
- The cost of VAPORAX ® installation is less than with any other boiler.
- Air, water and steam circuits are equipped with robust and reliable control devices, assuring highly safe operation.
- Combustion circulate at high speed along the coil, reducing risks of boiler fouling.
- Thick coils tubes and high velocity of combustion gases contribute to its high resistance to corrosion.

Applications: dry cleaning, hospitals, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, cheese production, local traditional breweries, textile industry, small producers who need small steam production on reduced ground surface...